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Thomas Voller

Born in Frankfurt am Main on 14 August 1953, Thomas Voller studied in Tübingen, Göttingen and Geneva. He received his doctorate at the University of Tübingen in 1983 with a thesis on “Criminal offences created by the state – the right to employ agent provocateurs and the usability of evidence thus produced”. His legal training included time in the United States and England.

After his admission as an attorney in 1982, he worked for large law firms in Frankfurt am Main before setting up his own office in 1987. Dr. Voller represents domestic and foreign firms both in and out of court and in all areas of business law including international debt collection. He is authorized to represent clients before all German local, regional and higher regional courts.

Dr. Voller’s focus is on national and international commercial and corporate law. He is a certified specialist lawyer for commercial and corporate law as well as a certified specialist lawyer for international business law. In addition, he is a qualified lawyer-mediator (DAA) active in the area of out-of-court dispute settlement.

In recent years his professional activity has increasingly focused on client credit management. This includes membership in the Federal Association of Credit Management (BvCM) as well as publications such as “Outlines of Debt Collection in Europe” or “Goods Dealers and Money Laundering”, which was released in its 2nd edition in January 2020.

Dr. Voller is a founder of the European network EuroCollectNet and has intensively engaged in developing this network since its start in 2008.

Voller Rechtsanwälte PartG

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Commercial and Corporate Law, International Business Law, Contracts, B2B Debt Collection , Mediation, Compliance, especially Money Laundering Law