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Kristina Cipkuvienė

Kristina Cipkuvienė is a business law expert, practicing lawyer since 2002. Kristina Cipkuvienė specialises in International (administration) law, Commercial Law and family law.
From 2020 is the founder and leading lawyer of company Teises riba, UAB
2020 year – Recognized expert in commercial law in Lithuania by the World Organization of expert lawyers Globallawexperts.
2020 year – included in the list of the experts of the global advisory expertise in commercial law.
2021year– awarded with the 2021 Awards Lawyers winners award “Lawyer of the year in commercial law specialization”.
From 2022 is the mediator in family and commercial disputes law.
2023 get the award “Prominent women in the law” of the World Law asociation.
She is the author of many legal articles. Specialist in the practice of the mobility package and initiator of the application of legal provisions in practice.

Teises riba, UAB

Legal service company working B2B in all Europe.

Civil law, administration law, family law, international law.