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Joost Peeters

Joost Peeters, co-founder and partner of STUDIO | LEGALE started his Law Studies at the University of Antwerp (UA) and graduated via the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) at the University of Rome (ROMA LUISS) prior to joining the Bar of Antwerp in 2001. He is specialised in Insurance Law, Company Law, Business Law, (Commercial) Tenancy Law, Contract Law, and Traffic Law. He is liquidator/curator in bankruptcy proceedings and he assist companies that are in difficulties (mainly in cases governed by the Belgian Continuity of Enterprises Act). He was sworn in as Deputy Justice of the Peace in Antwerp and Administrator. Joost PEETERS is holder of the Special Training Certificate for Belgian Criminal Cassation Proceedings. He obtained the DPO (Data Protection Officer) Degree concerning the new GDPR. In 2019, he obtained his certificate as mediator in civil and commercial cases at the renowned bMediation (BBLC VZW and BECI) is now a certified mediator and collaborative negotiator.

Studio Legale Advocaten

STUDIO | LEGALE is still a young and dynamic law firm with a single objective: to assist its clients quickly and pragmatically.

STUDIO | LEGALE is the legal ONE STOP SHOP, with various specialists under the same roof.

Contrary to the current trend towards more niche law firms, STUDIO | LEGALE tries to be a FULL SERVICE law firm.

At STUDIO | LEGALE there are currently 17 lawyers and 5 administrative staff members active. You can find us in Antwerp and in Brussels, at both locations near the palace of justice.

STUDIO | LEGALE represents very diverse clients: private individuals, SMEs, real estate giants and multinationals. Our office also assists governments, autonomous municipal enterprises, water companies and investment firms.

Corporate law, M&A, insurance law, tenancy law, GDPR, debt collection, criminal law, administrative law, traffic law, intellectual property, labour law, insolvency, construction law…