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Michał Rączkowski

Since 2006, I have been managing RK Legal law firm, which is the only law office in Poland to combine legal services for business entities with comprehensive credit management.

Our offer based on these two pillars has been supplemented by RK RODO — a company specialized in legal as well as telecommunications aspects of personal data protection. Today, our team consists of more than 140 people.

I am responsible for supervising our firm’s collaboration with financial institutions in terms of B2B and B2C debt asset management. We support banks, lending institutions, leasing companies and securitisation funds as well as power industry and telecommunications entities in successful debt recovery.

I am the author of press commentaries and the co-author of a commentary published by Wolters Kluwer: “Court Enforcement Officers Act. Court Enforcement Officer Costs Act”. I share my knowledge and experience with you during numerous sector-specific conferences and training courses.


At RK Legal Group, we bring together companies that support businesses in legal issues, management of debt portfolios and protection of personal data.

We currently provide services to several dozen corporate clients, both entities from international groups and companies operating in Poland, including State-owned companies.

We have been providing comprehensive legal services for businesses since 2006. Now, there are over 140 people in our team.

RK Legal supports banks, lending institutions, leasing companies, securitisation funds and entities from the energy and telecommunications sector in successful debt recovery.

We handle B2B and B2C debts, also abroad.

B2B and B2C Credit management, Business support, Personal data protection, Real estate and investments