Advores Advokater & Rechtsanwälte

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Claas Thöle

Claas Thöle studied law in Kiel (Germany) and Stockholm (Sweden), before obtaining his doctoral degree in corporate law and working as a lawyer in Hamburg (Germany). After moving to Copenhagen (Denmark), he also became qualified to practice Danish law. Now, as a Danish “Advokat” and a German “Rechtsanwalt”, he is part of advores Advokater & Rechtsanwälte. Claas Thöle is specialized in commercial and corporate law as well as in international business law. Among his core competencies is debt collection. He will support you through all the stages of the debt collection process, from the first reminder letter to instalment payment agreements, to judicial assertion of your claims, and all the way to enforcement in both Denmark and Germany.

Advores Advokater & Rechtsanwälte

Advores is a German-Danish law firm with offices in Copenhagen (Denmark), Hamburg (Germany) and Flensburg (Germany). We are a small team of experienced lawyers providing advice on German law in Danish and on Danish law in German. Of course, we can provide all our legal help in English as well. In this way, we cover cross-border legal transactions in all sectors and are thus much more broadly positioned than most other law firms. With the help of a large network of contacts, we can also help you over and beyond our legal expertise. For example, we cooperate with industry associations and federations, state institutions and many other multipliers and network partners so that we can offer our clients direct and immediate added value, quickly and with no fuss.

Labour Law, Construction and Architectural Law, Compliance and Data Protection, E-Commerce, Inheritance Law, Renewable Energies, Corporate Law, Commercial Law, Real Estate and Tenancy Law, Debt Collection, Insolvency Law, IP/Commercial Legal Protection, Transport Law, M&A