Code of Conduct

Members are committed to observe the following fundamentals for quality assurance in their dealings with clients and with each other:

  1. Members will cooperate in an internal network for their mutual benefit through exchange of technical and personal resources based on growing trust.
  2. Respect and loyalty among Members that extends far beyond the ethics of professional collegiality.
  3. Assurance of a high value quality service achieved by drawing on expertise from other ECN Members.
  4. Discretion and confidentiality in all matters.
  5. Clients are assured that:
    – Each member will comply with all rules and regulations imposed by the regulatory body in the Member’s jurisdiction;
    – A client referred by a Member will be treated as one’s own client;
    – Information to be provided to the client in a regular manner;
    – Cost transparency to be guaranteed at all times where possible.
  6. Cooperation between members mean that:
    – Response to telephone or written inquiries will be dealt within the shortest possible time;
    – Members are prepared to offer reciprocal expert support;
    – The poaching of a member’s client is forbidden;
    – If requested by either party correspondence will take place in English.
  7. Violations of these obligations shall be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. Continuing violations will result in warnings, penalties, and or expulsion from the EuroCollectNet (ECN) ASBL.